Annie, from Oldham UK, first started out playing the Tuba; at 15 years of age, she moved on to the Trombone as soon as she was able to reach seventh position!

She wrote a letter to Ivy Benson asking for a job. The band was well known - there were five Brass, five Reeds, rhythm, singers and strings and they played stock arrangements like Glenn Millers "Little Brown Jug" in cabarets, casinos and resort hotels

The band had been particularly popular during the war. According to Annie, the ambiance was "something like the Ivy Benson Academy for young ladies".

By coincidence the Benson band played in Oldham soon after the letter was received and an "on the job" audition was held.

She was successful, and was soon touring with the band.

After 2 years she left the band and was resident in Jersey, Channel Island where she did casual gigs, before moving to London, moving more toward Jazz, particularly Latin and South African biased sounds.

She is still very busy, touring and making recordings in the UK.

Annie Whitehead
played Trombone
19?? to 19??