I am enclosing, below, some information on my short time with Ivy. I have kept all the letters and contracts that Ivy sent me so I can be exact on dates.

I joined in August 1971 when Val Wilkinson left the band, and played with all the girls that are in Jazz Barclay's Photo Album # 5 pics 210 & 211 and played the last few weeks at Torquay in 1971.

I was 17 at the time and scared stiff of Ivy, but still out to have fun! My reading was non existant as I only ever played by ear since I could first hold a pair of knitting needles in my hands, so it was hard going.

My first trip abroad was to play in Stuttgart at the Konigshoff in November 19'71. I can't remember where the gigs in between were but there were a few in Wales & Manchester I think.I then did a three month tour with the band as follows:-

Feb 1st -- Feb 29th - Fantasio, Biel, Switzerland.
March 1st -- March 31st - Kursaal, Bern, Switzerland.
April 1st -- April 30th - Konigshoff, Stuttgart, Germany.
On all the trips abroad I had to go to Bow Street Magistrates Court.

While in Switzerland I made arrangements for a 3 month summer season there with the pianist at the time - Carolyn Marshall, and left Ivy when we returned to England.Three girls that became really good friends to me were Jackie Powis, Maureen Boulds & Kathy Spencer.

Looking back I wish I'd have listened to Ivy more and learnt more from her - but it was still one hell of an experience with a great lady.

I'm still a working drummer in Australia.

Regards to all - Deni Climpson (nee Cooke)

Deni Cooke
played Drums
1971 to 1972
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