Elsie Ford was one of the original members of Ivy's first band, and joined Ivy from playing with Teddy Joyce and the Girlfriends; this was the band which Ivy joined as lead Alto on her arrival in London.

Elsie came from a musical family; she had two brothers, Frank and Alan, who both played Cello with the Halle Orchestra and eventually moved on to the London Symphony Orchestra. During the 60's they played for both Val and Jack Parnell's bands on television.

Elsie stayed with Ivy until the end of the War and in 1946, and after 6 years of playing popular dance music, she left to move back into a more classical area, joining the BBC Orchestra.

Elsie was a great raconteur - check out the hilarious stories she told, in "Tell the Tales."


Elsie Ford
played Double Bass
1939 - 1946