My Dad, who was a Brass Band man all his life taught me to play the cornet when I was nine years old. I joined his brass band and ended up Solo Cornet in the band at 14 yrs.of age - quite a big thing in those days, and being the only girl in a band of men..

I then joined a little dance band and changed to trumpet.

My Dad used to get a band magazine where he found Ivy Benson was advertising for a third trumpet player. I replied and was offered an audition.I went down to London and stayed with Ivys dad for a week. I got the job and then flew to Germany to join the band.

I was 16 and was very naive....but the girls were very good to me and helped me settle in. It was an eye opener for me in lots of ways.

I only stayed for the six months and I went back to the little dance band I was in before....but it was an experience I wouldnt have missed for anything.

I did another year with the band and then met the man I married; we have two children and now grandchildren...but my thoughts often go back to the time I was with Ivy.

It was lovely finding this site after all these years; brought many memories of those days back....

My thanks go to Pam Brett and Maureen Millington, the Trombone players and Tanza McKernon and Lois Williams (Trumpets) for their help and support.


Joan Marsden (now Walsh)
played Trumpet
1963 to 1984