I joined Ivy's band Sept 1957, not too long after Jackie Davis (Trombone) had joined, and we became friends and digged together with her sister, Julie. Once when Jackie was ill in hospital, Julie went in her place to Germany and she and I digged together during that time.

In 1957 I was playing Trumpet and then in 1958 on the Isle of Man, I changed to Trombone as Ivy couldn't get Trombone players; Digger, her Dad taught me, and at night I played Double Bass, so Claudia (Colmer) didnt have to do three sessions a day.

From then on I mostly played Trombone and ended up on Bass on and off until I quit to marry in 1965; I also played for jazz bands on Bass - Bill Brunskill, Keith Smith and Cy Laurie a couple of times, when Stan Leader, his bass player was sick.

I remember most of the girls, Roby, Tanza, Pam, Sylvia, Paula Pike, Joan, "Sapphire", Ann, Mary and of course the list goes on.....

All my best wishes to you all.


Kay Clarke
played Trombone,
1957 to 1965.