Marge Holt was born and raised in Manchester, England and began playing the piano at the age of four. After graduating from the Royal College of Music, she played for Ivy Benson's All Girls Band, touring U.S. Air Force bases in Germany. Her tour ended spectacularly with her elopement with a G.I. to the States. A decade later, Ivy Benson recounted the story in indignant detail in a newspaper interview. Apparently, she never forgot or forgave.

After a brief hiatus in Los Angles, Marge and William (the G.I. nicknamed "Skip") moved to Havre, MT. There they parted, and Marge remained in Havre, putting her singular talent in music to good use in classical recitals, accompanying visiting artists, and performing in County & Western and Rock & Roll bands. Lately, she has reduced her public appearances to private parties, devoting her time to the instruction of roughly 80 students a week.

In 1997, Marge released her first professional tape and had such a good time doing it that she decided to make a CD and tape this year for the Christmas season. The album is Marge's own interpretation of Christmas favorites, including a Tango rendition of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" - Enjoy!

Reprinted with kind permission of Marge Holt - July 2003

Marge Holt
played Piano with the band 1966 to1967