I started playing the accordian at the age of 8, and someone told my parents there wouldn't be much work for that kind of music, so I took up alto sax at about the age of 10. I did a couple of weeks for Ivy at the ripe old age of 14. The band did a lot of work overseas back then, so I wasn't able to stay with the them. I did an accordian solo and doubled on alto sax. I don't think I was very popular with the sax section.
The following year I joined Blanche Coleman, on tenor, and stayed with her band for about 4 years; also did a few jobs for her later on, including a trip to Berlin, in 1952. I also did a couple of stints with the Royal Kiltie Juniors, 1950-1951, and 1952 to 1953. I got my wish the second time I was with the band, as we spent a year in Europe, which really enjoyed.

In between the 2 stints with the Kilties, I spent about 10 months in Gibralter. That was a big let down. I had expected to be working in a night club, but the place was more like a big bar. Still, I had a good time over there. After I left the Kilties in 1953 I joined Gracie Cole. While I was with her I took up the bass clarinet, and loved it. After Gracie disbanded I joined Ron Hall and his girls band.

Then a few months after I joined him, I had a call from "Digger" Benson, asking if I would like to join Ivy's band, and of course I said yes. Ivy was a great person to work for, very easy going, and after playing with about 6 different bands, I really mean that. I stayed with Ivy just about 2 years, and left to marry who else? a Yank.

When I married we came to the States in 1962. My husband (Sherm) and I have been married over 46 years, still going strong. No children though, but we have had a good marriage and have done a lot of traveling in the States.

Nina Dellamura
Played Tenor Sax - 1957 to 1959