In 1961, I went to see the Sid Phillips band in Bournemouth with my parents, and after the show they announced that Ivy Benson was looking for female musicians. So I wrote to her for an audition (as a trumpet player) and was accepted.

When I joined Ivy's Band in 1961, she really needed a trombone player and so I went to live with her that summer while her Father (Digger) taught me the trombone.

My musical career began at age 8 when I started piano lessons. Later, I played the cornet and trumpet in the local Yeovil Brass Band. I was with Ivy for 5 years (1961 through 1966) working summers at the Isle of Man, and also toured Germany and Spain.

In 1966 I married an American and left for the USA. Over the years, I have given piano lessons and still practice today . While living in Texas, I attended Midwestern State University and received a Masters Degree in 1987.

I retired after 20 years of working for the US government as an Electronics Instructor and now my husband and I are retired and living in Florida. I have a daughter Melanie and a son Kevin who are both married with children.

Music is still a part of my life!

Pam Brett
played Trombone
1961 to 1966