Pat was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and moved to Liverpool where she grew up. Entering show business at an early age, she performed at Charity shows, followed by tours in Vaudeville, all over the UK. Her first professional solo tour was of the Highlands of Scotland when only 15 years old. Pat also appeared with Laurel & Hardy when they toured Great Britain for the Moss Empire theatre group, piping them on to the stage during one of their final tours.

In 1956, she toured Denmark and piped members of the Danish Royal family into banquets; one of the members was the Princess who is now the Queen of Denmark.

Pat also played for the Troops, British and American in locations including Britain, Holland and North Africa

She joined Ivy Benson in 1958, playing the Bagpipes and as a vocalist, leaving in1962. In 1963 she married an American serviceman and moved to the USA, and is now resident in Detroit.

Pat is also my associate in establishing this Website, providing great help in gathering information and contacts, and without whom this site would not exist.

Pat "Haggis" Gentles
was a Vocalist and played Bagpipes -
1958 to 1962.