Photograph shows Sally in 1962, in the dress she wore for her audition. Sally Sykes hailed from the West Yorkshire town of Pontefract. A girl of many talents, Sally was a Judo expert, played the Guitar and once had her own (male) group.

She was also one of the youngest members of Ivy Bensons band - just 16 when she joined them, and was one of the youngsters who required legal clearance from Magistrates in London to leave the country to tour with the band.

In 1964 she became "Sally" of "Sally and the Alley Cats" - the Beat group made up from six members of the Ivy Benson band.

Sally was with the band for five years and is married to a musician, has a son and is currently resident in Carlise, UK.


Click here for photographs of Sally and the Alleycats,
and here for a sound clip of "Is it something that I said".


Sally Sykes - Vocals

1962 to 1967