I started playing piano at age of 5 with lessons from my parents and school. At about 12 I started playing electric keyboard and accordion with my fathers band “The Black Diamonds”. We played at many hunt balls and local dance venues all over Devon.

I joined Ivy in1959 at the Isle of Man playing piano and was often featured playing steel guitar and Vibraphone. During an early tour of Germany, a sax player was sent home due to a serious illness and Ivy taught me sax and I took her place.

As Lady musicians were difficult to find, I then picked up clarinet and flute as well. When the pop scene started Ivy wanted an electric guitar so of course I had to learn that also and became part of the group “Sally & the Alley Cats” which was a group formed within the main band.

We did some wonderful tours all over Europe and played many venues in England, Scotland and Wales with a trip or two over to Ireland.

Ann Challice
played Tenor Sax
1959 to 1983