Dorothy England was born in 1934 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. She took Piano and Singing lessons from an early age, and had lessons on the Trombone from Tom Eastwood during 1948.

She joined Ivy Benson in 1951, touring the Allied Forces bases in the Middle East, including Egypt, Cyprus, Malta and Tripoli, and also the European war zones.

She also played for the German citizens at the "Tabaris" nightclub in Dusseldorf from 1952 to 1955. At these events all announcements, songs and even jokes were made in German - quite a trial for the ladies of the band! During the winter periods the band played at the Lyons Corner House, Marble Arch in London; summer seasons were spent at Butlins Holiday Camps in Filey and Pwllheli (1951 to 1953). Later, summer seasons at the Isle of Man, playing to visitors in the Villa Marina Gardens proved very popular.

Dorothy finally left Ivy in 1956 and married Eddie Sacco; son Mark was born 1961 and Paul in 1965. She lived in Malta from 1956 to 1961 when she returned to Huddersfield. She married Clifford Atkinson in 1979 and continued to play trombone with local Brass Bands. She joined "The Clefs" dance band in 1970, joining her sister, Sylvia, who played Trumpet with them. She retired from playing in the late 1970's.

Dorothy was billed by Ivy as "Britains Tommy Dorsey" - she had a similar beautiful tone, and played all the solo parts when in Brass Band competitions.

Dorothy England
Played Trombone - 1951 to 1956