I auditioned for Ivy in the summer of 1979, after leaving London College of music. She offered me some work in Germany which I was unable to do, as I already had some work in. However, she came back to me a few months later and my first gig with her was at the Beck Theatre, Hayes.

We did a number of 'one off gigs' but also summer seasons on Hayling Island (1981) and The Isle of Man (1983).We also did an extremely cold Xmas season on Hayling Island (1981). The last gigs were again one off functions, before she retired.

As far as I can recollect, the last gig the band ever did was a function at the Whitbread Brewery in Chiswell Street, London. Unfortunately, I can't remember when it was, possibly 1983.

The band was much smaller than in it's heyday, often 3 front line only. However, when I first joined, it was bigger and was augmented on occasions eg. Russell Harty TV show.

Since the end of the band, I continued working for other function bands and in theatre, in particular the National Theatre.

During my time with her I married and had my first son (which I don't think she was too pleased about.) I now have 2 sons and work as a peripatetic teacher in Barnet.

Julia Crutchlow
played Trumpet
1979 to 1983