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This selection of recordings by Ivy Benson is taken from a CD entitled

"Ivy Benson and her All Girls Band"
(HQ CD 149).

This CD is currently available from Interstate Music Ltd.s.
See their Website at http://www.sanctuaryrecordsgroup.co.uk/

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These clips are limited length samples.

Numbers 1 to 4: Recorded London, 14 October 1943

Line up:
Norah Smalley, Dorothy Massey -plus 3 others - (Violins); Mabel Willis Browne (Violin/Viola); Lillian Kelley - (Piano); Joan Marriott (Guitar); Elsie Ford (Bass); Marie Cleve (Drums); Kay Yorston (Vocals); Ivy Benson (Alto & Clarinet).

Numbers 5 to 8: Recorded London, 4 November 1943

Line up:
Probably as 14 October; add Gerogina & Rita Williams (Vocals).

Numbers 9 to12: Recorded London, 21 January 1944

Line up:
Probably as 4 November

Numbers 13 to16: London, 16 December 1947

Line up:
Sonia Barton, Gracie Cole, Dorothy Burgess, Sylvia England (Trumpets) ;Laura Lynn, Joan Waller, Joan Nelson, Pat O'Hara, (Trombones); Norma Cameron, Irene Cain (Altos); Lena Kidd, Bette Caddy (Tenors); Irene Boynton (Baritone); Jesse Morris (Accordian/Trombone); Ursula Creber (Piano); Joan Marriott, June O'Hara-Smith (Guitars); Margaret Chappell (Bass); Paula Pike (Drums); Rita Williams (Vocals); Ivy Benson (Alto/Clarinet).

Numbers 17 & 18: Recorded London, January 1948
(Radio show - Jack Jackson (Compere).

Line up:
Very similar to 18 December.

Numbers19 & 20: Recorded Germany 1947

Line up:
Similar to 16 December; arr Leon Young.


Numbers 21 to 23: Recorded Europe 1949

Line up:
Gracie Cole, Dorothy Burgess, Sylvia England (Trumpets); Laura Lynn, Joan Waller, Jesse Morris (Trombones); Norma Cameron, Eunice Cox (Altos); Lena Kidd, Gladys Newman (Tenors); Edna Wayne (Baritone); Ursula Creber (Piano); June O'Hara Smith (Guitar); Vi Ebbs (Bass); Paula Pike (Drums); Ivy Benson (Alto/Clarinet); Gloria Russell (Vocals).



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