21 Piece Band.... may become a Trio
(The Bucks Examiner).

Bucks Examiner

21-piece band may become a trio

Said Ivy Benson, Britains leading all-girls band impresario, of her trip to Hamburg, Germany, which
commences tomorrow (Saturday): "I'm taking a 21 piece band with me. I'll be lucky if I get back with a trio".

For where Ivy and her girls are going (for the twentieth time) is to a town overladen
with the United States Air Force. And going with them will be
twenty two-year-old sax player, Mary Dumain of 74 Woodside Road, Amersham.

Mary is quite looking forward to it because when she gets there she will meet
up with Noel Files of the US Airforce again. And Mary is shortly to marry him.
They met two years ago when the band was playing there.

Says Mary: "I'll be sorry to leave the girls, but I'm looking forward to marrying and settling down".

And that is Ivy Bensons biggest problem - girls who look forward to marrying and settling down.
Taking the girls to Germany and the U.S. Bases is almost as bad as leading them up the aisle…

In the last five years she has lost 30 players to American servicemen.

The band is to stay in Hamburg until next March

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