January 1 1959 - Club Call

Personality of the Month
Ellie "Little Reb" Wark

(by Hucla Duma)

"Little Reb", "Hillbilly" and "Scottish Cow-girl" are but a few of the name Eleanor Henderson Wark is known by at "The Best in the West" Airmen's Club. There was very little discussion needed when Eleanor was nominated to take the "Personality of the Month" spot for this issue of the Club Call.

Eleanor, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, hit the Club like a ton of bricks when she arrived to hold down a feature spot with Ivy Benson's top-notch all-girl orchestra. At a mere seventeen years old, Eleanor has all the charm and grace that would do justice to an old time member of show business. The well proportioned young lass (34-24-36) is the youngest of ten children and is one of two in the family still single (we do get breaks, don't we?)

"Little Reb" it seems, learned to play the guitar from her 20 year old brother John and we might add that John was a very able teacher. Eleanor picked up her knowledge of rock and roll from juke boxes, radio (wireless) and movies. While in school playing and singing were uppermost in her mind and she had a strong eye set on a future in the entertainment field.

The big break came last July when Ivy and her band were playing an engagement in the Isle of Man, a popular seaside resort. Eleanor, on vacation from her job with the telephone company, attended one of Ivy's dances and during the course of the evening, a talent contest was on the agenda. Our heroine, on a dare from two of her friends, entered the contest and naturally won hands down. Ivy hired her on the spot and she remained with the girls to complete the season at the Isle of Man. From there the band toured Ireland and England hitting some of the biggest spots on the night-club circuit.

The "Best in the West" is the first Club on the continent that Eleanor has appeared in and from all indications she will be in top demand as long as she remains. The enthusiastic applause and hundreds of requests that pour to the bandstand attest to the fact that we have far from a cold audience and really appreciate the "back home" type of music.

FLYING FINGERS on the guitar and a vibrant singing voice combine to explain the popularity of Eleanor Wark. "Ellie" receives a rhythmic assist from the members of Ivy Bensons all-girl orchestra.

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Getting down to some of the more personal of our own "baby doll", Eleanor has informed us that she keeps her five foot, 105 pound frame busy, off duty, of course, with record collecting, ice skating and swimming. In addition she is an avid football fan and one regret was that she missed seeing the Rams take the USAFE championship. In the record department, as might well be expected, Elvis Presley is at the top of her list.

Turning to the serious side of life, Eleanor would like to reach the grand old age of 23 or 24 before she ties the marital knot. At the present time she told us she is completely unattached as far as boyfriends are concerned. Just between us, this seems hard to believe with the lavish attention some of the local Don Juans are throwing her way! If and when the time comes however that Eleanor does marry, she told yours truly that she l-o-v-e-s children and wants a large family. Any extra time she might have on her hands in the future, between taking care of the children, house and husband would be spent, no doubt, reading her favourite magazines, love stories and murder mysteries.

It would be a snap to write all day about this little charmer that has graced our humble establishment for the past month and, happily, for the next 31 days of the New Year. But like all things pleasant, our interview ended and we leave you with this final thought… as long as there are fine young people like "our Eleanor" to chase the blues away with a song and display a sincere and friendly personality such as hers ……… Buddy, we got it made!