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Four in Harmony:

With a saxophone almost as large as herself, 16-year-old Gillian Dennis (left) is taken through an intricate passage by Ivy Benson, whose Girls' Orchestra opened a week's visit to the "Evening News" Ideal Home Exhibition today.

Gillian, daughter of a former professional musician, has played the saxophone since she was twelve, and has never had a thought of making her living in any other way.

Until joining the Orchestra two months ago, she appeared as a soloist in theatres and on TV - she made her first broadcast at 15 - and was one of Carrol Levis' Discoveries.

She is now preparing to change from Alto to Tenor saxophone to replace a girl leaving to be married - hence this special rehearsal of the saxophone section in the waverley Market today. Other players are Joan Wilkins and Pat Burnett.

From "Evening News" - Ireland Tour - 1958.