Gone to the Dogs!

(Reynolds News-
April 30, 1944)

Beat It!

Here is a hurdle - and this is Ivy Benson leaping it. Normally Ivy beats a baton at her man-free band, but now she's all set to beat greyhound records
Here she is at Wembley Stadium "schooling" one of her novice jumpers - the first of a string she hopes to race at tracks in towns where her band is appearing.

Careful, Ivy. What would your n(a)ice young ladies think of such tomboy antics!

(Sunday Pictorial April 23, 1944)

Whoops, dearie!
Ivy Benson exercises one of her greyhounds at
Wembly and looks as if she may have to change
her signature tune to "Lady, Be Careful!"

(Melody Maker, April 29, 1944)

Over the top-
Ivy Benson, popular dance band leader, has taken over some greyhounds which she proposes to run in towns where her band is playing - here she is having a try

(The People -
April 30, 1944)

Looks as if that wonderful Palace of Sport, Wembley Stadium, will shortly have to stage a Battle of Bands on it's greyhound track.
Famous girls bandleader Ivy Benson, is taking more than an ordinary interest in the longtails. She has asked Wembley trainer, L Reynolds to purchase a bitch for her. Ivy intends to name the animal "Lady be good" after her signature tune and with Mr Reynolds already handling Harry Davis' "Will o' the Wisp" we have the beginings of a spot of friendly greyhound rivalry in the dance band world.
O(nce started on the project, Ivy Benson hopes to aquire several top class dogs. She might be able to, she thinks, to enter them for open races taking place in the towns which the band visits - for Ivy will be going on tour again later on - so that it may occasionally be possible for Ivy to top the bill at some local theatre while her canines are the "star turnl" at the local greyhound stadium the same week.
Anyhow, Ivy is all set for the initial purchase of several hundred pounds worth of first class dog flesh, and if her particular brand of initiative can help the project at all, then it is pretty certain that those of us who like a little Saturday "flutter" will be confidently placing our shirts on the speedy back of "Lady be good" before very long.

(Melody Maker - April 29, 1944)

Sporting Girls.

Ivy Benson has formed her famous girls band into a cricket and darts team.
Cricket matches will be played against all-girl sides as the band travels over the country. They are now "tuning up" for their first match, Probably at Derby, next month.

(News of the World - 3/4/44)

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