Band leader's home is ransacked
(The Coastal Express - May 1993).

The Bungalow home of former band leader Ivy Benson was this week found to
have been ransacked by raiders, just days after her funeral.

The discovery was made by her close friend and next door neighbour, Mary Ayers,
when she checked her home in Thoroughgood Road, Clacton, early on Monday.
"I am disgusted that they can do this so soon after her death", said Mrs Ayers.

It is the third time Miss Benson's home has been burgled since she moved to
Clacton after stepping down after 40 years leading her famous All Girls Band.

Mrs Ayers said it appeared the thieves were looking for jewellery but most of
the popular late entertainer's personal items had already been taken out.

Friends and former colleagues turned out last Thursday
to Miss Bensons Clacton funeral.

Among a large array of wreaths was one from Mildred Loss, widow of Joe.
Sheila Tracy, producer of BBC Radio's Big Band Special and a former trombonist
with Miss Benson, recalled how during the war with many male musicians being conscripted,
"she spotted the opportunity and took it".

She said " You buoyed us, you praised us and you shouted at us when you had to - but we love you".

Clacton musician Jack Jacobs, who runs a music business and sold Miss Benson
her last electric organ, said: "She was brilliant - a terrific musician".

Helga Douglas, who worked at Clacton's Royal Hotel when Miss Benson
was a resident entertainer for five years after coming to Clacton in 1982,
described her as "a professional until the end".

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