It was the last song for our Ivy.


(Coastal Express - May 1993)


Ivy Benson went out as she used to begin - to the strains of "Lady Be Good",
the signature tune which introduced her to generations of delighted audiences.

It was a fitting finale to the 79-year-old with the ready smile.

In retirement, Miss Benson worked tirelessly for charity in Clacton. Comedy actress,
Ruth Madoc, former star of the hit TV series "Hi-de-Hi" and Queen Ratling of the Grand Order of Lady Ratlings
- the female stars charity organisation - also paid their respects.

She described Miss Benson as: "a very warm person, very dedicated and loving,
and very much the professional". First and foremost she was a pioneer".

Without Miss Benson, there would be no place for today's
female rock groups said Miss Madoc. "I think a lot of our female groups owe a lot to her".