Released today is the long awaited phenomenon - a record by an all-girls beat group - "Sally and the Alley Cats".

The record is a pretty ballad, "Is it something that I said".

And personnel are singer Sally Sykes (18) from Pontefract, guitar Sally Cursons (18), Surbiton; organist Pam Brett (18), Yeovil; lead guitar, Ann Challice (23), Exeter; drums Andrea Beal (18), Farnborough; and bass guitar Robey Buckley (24), Australia.

Most of the girls are college trained instrumentalists and all are polished in the best sorting ground for girl musicians in the country - members of Ivy Benson's 18 piece band.

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Their versatility is astonishing. I have wondered why Ivy Benson - who has never made a record herself - was so slow in catching the beat boom.

"I didn't want to lose my best instrumentalists" she told me frankly. "And I always thought the group scene was all- male.

But I was finally forced into forming a beat group because my contract for the band's summer season at the Isle of Man this year stipulated I must supply one for morning sessions".

Next week Sally and the Alley Cats, with the rest of Ivy's band, go off for 12 weeks work in Germany.

Judith Simons/Unknown paper - 1964

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