Tanza to join the Benson band
(Unknown publication)

Tanza McKernon, the schoolgirl whose cornet playing with Hayes and Harlington Silver Band has brought her fame, will spend her 16th birthday in Germany with Ivy Benson's band.

Tanza made up her mind during last weekend and as her birthday is on December 12th, the trip means she will leave St. Domonic's Convent School, Harrow, before the end of the term.

She is to appear before Bow Street magistrates to get a special permit to go to Germany, where the Ivy Benson Band will entertain airmen and soldiers serving there.

"This takes me back to when Tanza told us she wanted a trumpet", said her father. That was when she was 4 years old.

"She didn't even know what a trumpet was, but she kept asking for one and by the time she got to be eight we gave in", said Mr. McKernon.

Non-musician Mr. McKernon added: "It was murder at first, but I suppose she got it from her grandfather, who played in Spennymoor, County Durham, our home town".

From the time Tanza got her trumpet until this week she has not missed practising at least once a day, and in recent years has rarely been free of engagements.

Her nextdoor neighbour, Mr Gilbert Hall, father of trumpeter Albert Hall, gave Tanza lessons in the early days.