The 1973 Band in Hamburg - November 5th.
From Anne Marsden ( Trombone - 1973 to 1975-6)

The original newspaper clipping was 15" wide, so I have made two pictures which, as you will see, have an overlap in the middle.

L to R: Cathy Warren, Lesley Arden (Vocals), Heather Nicols (Piano), A N Other (Sax), Gillian Fleming (Sax),
Ivy, Chris Cox (Trumpet), Val Wilkinson (Drums).


L to R: Val Wilkinson (Drums), A N Other, Anne Marsden (Trombone), Pam Martin (Bass),
Jazz Barclay (Trombone), Jenny Frazer (Sax), Ann Chalice (Sax & Guitar), Chris Emmerson (Trumpet).

Caption: "These are the fifteen Girl Musicians of Ivy Bensons Band from England. They conquer their audiences playing
Saxophones and Trumpets. Wearing the fashionable Mini's and Trouser Suits, they posed in Hamburg
for the Bild photographer Sepp Schonmeitzler."

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