The Alleycats - 1964
(from Sally Cursons -publication unknown)

Photograph taken on the set of Anglia TV's "For Teenagers only". Also on the bill
were Peter Noon of "Hermans Hermits" and Mike Sarne.

L to R: Sally Cursons, Ann Challice, Robey Buckley,Sally Sykes, Andrea Beall & Pam Brett

SALLY and The Alleycats - one of the first all-girl beat groups with a record release, if not the first - made their disc bow on E.M.I's Parlophone label. Their "Is It Something That I've Said", coupled with "You Forgot To Remember", was released in September. Singer Sally, and the five girls with her, are all members of the equally all female Ivy Benson Band. It was during the Band's 1964 summer season at Douglas, Isle of Man, that the group first found success.

"When the band was in Germany", recalls Ivy, we dabbled at forming a beat group, but we didn't really take it very seriously. In Douglas I had to provide a group to play each morning - for teenagers only - and this time we took it very seriously indeed!

SALLY SYKES, 18 years old, from Pontefract, in Yorkshire, is the singer an the band, besides leading the group. She's also a judo expert, plays the guitar and once had her own (male) group.

The others are:

18 years old, from Surbiton, in Surrey, plays guitar in the band, and rhythm guitar in the group. Was a comptometer operator.

PAM BRETT, 18 years old, from Yeovil, is the bands lead trombonist, plays organ in the group. Originally intended to be a classical pianist - still studying piano.

ANN CHALLICE, 23 years old, multi-instrumentalist, from Exeter, plays lead tenor sax in band, lead guitar in group. Was tennis champion.

ANDREA BEALL. 16 years old, from Farnborough, Hants plays drums in
the band - and in the group. Started playing drums at age of seven, and -

ROBEY BUCKLEY, 24 year. old, Australian-born, plays trumpet in the band
and bass guitar in the group.


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