Yeovil girl in new "teen-beat" group

Pam Brett

A 19 year old Yeovil girl who has made a career for herself with one of the country's best known dance bands, is waiting this month to see if a new venture will bring fame and success of the type every "pop" player dreams of.

Felicity Brett, once a student at Yeovil High School, and for the last four years a trombone player with the Ivy Benson All Girls Band, is spending her summer as usual working with the band on the Isle of Man.

But since the advent of the casino, the island has attracted many more people with modern tastes in entertainment and music.

And Felicity, known in the band and even now to her parents at their home at 40, St Michaels Road, Yeovil, as Pam, has moved with the times.

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Opposition to Freddie
Top pop group, Freddie and the Dreamers playing at engagements in the island, are the reason. His and other boys groups are not to have things all their own way. Now "Pam" Brett leaves her trombone behind and sits down instead to that most "with it" instrument, the electric organ.

For she and five other teenagers in the Ivy Benson band have formed themselves into a "teen-beat" group and play before hundreds of shaking, twisting and jiving holidaymaking teenagers.

So successful have they been that the group - called "Sally and the Alleycats" - have venture further into the field of pop music with a record. Mum's and Dad's may just recognise it, for it's an oldie - "You forgot to remember" - but Pam and group hope it's going to bring them the rewards and fame of all successful beat groups.

Side-line but...
At her home in Yeovil, her mother said this week "Although it's only a side-line for her, it could become a big thing. When the group have finished playing in the mornings, they dash back and change back into their orchestra clothes ready to join the rest of the band for the afternoon and evening shows.

When the season finishes, the Yeovil girl who lives music all the year round, is off with the orchestra on a tour of Germany and then to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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