Photo taken 1971 in Torquay Town Hall

Ivy Benson and her new All Girls Band comes direct to the Hotel de France from three months tour of Germany and Switzerland. Since 1st October 1973 when the band finished a successful summer season at the de France they will have complete two continental tours and appeared in many clubs in England.

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Who knows, when they take off at the end of September on another tour to Berne, Hamburg and Stuttgart they may be playing in the Far East. As one girl said it's not joining the Army to see the world but joining the band to see the world. With the average age of the girls around 21, many visitors to the de France show last year were surprised at how professional and versatile they were when they played their interpretation of the Glen Miller sounds, like "String of Pearls", "In the mood" and old favourites like "Granada" .

Ivy Benson first started with a 5 piece in 1945; since then nearly 500 girls figured in her band. Many leave to get married so with new ones coming along there are always rehearsals and new routines for Ivy to keep her band as one of the top entertainments in Europe.

Featured Vocalists we hope to see in 1974 are Lesley Arden, Cathy W????, Val Wilkinson on the Drums, Ann Challice, Jasmine Barclay, Jenny Fraser and Christine Emmerson who does a Trumpet solo. Ivy will be pleased to play your favourite dance numbers. Give written requests to your Wine Waiter.

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