BANDSWOMEN TALK OVER THE OLD TIMES WITH IVY (from the East Anglian News, Monday, October 29, 1990).

Members of the band with Ivy on Clarinet

Margaret Chappell, Eunice Cox, Sylvia England, Ivy Benson, Gladys Newman,
Laura Lynne, Gracie Cole and Joyce Clarke.

Many members of Ivy Benson's bands from as long age as 40 years, turned up for a reunion to toast their former leader.
They met up at Clacton's Grand Hotel for a weekend of chat about the old days.

Ivy, 76, of Thoroughgood Road, Clacton, said, "We've had a grand time digging up memories from as far back as just after the war." Former singer, Joyce Clarke, who was with the band for five years, said, "We were the first women to go to Germany to entertain the troops. She joked, " We were second in importance only to the Berlin airlift".

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