RIOT AT THE PALACE (from Cyprus Sunday Mail - March 27, 1949)

Miss Ivy Benson, introducing a programme of her all-girl band at the Magic Palace on Wednesday night, mentioned "two hours entertainment". This was a gross understatement. The show was a veritable riot - the biggest this island has ever seen.

Such accomplished balance of items, such polished efficiency of presentation, such impressive perfection of rendering made up a truly rare treat for servicemen and a few of their friends who attended the concert.

The programme had a wealth of variety, and not less, wealth of talented performers to put it over. Nineteen girls made a thousand men open their mouths and keep them open. It was fun and frolic at its dizziest.

Choice Number One

No doubt, credit for an unprecedented success is shared by one and all of the girls in this first class band. Particular mention is however due to Gracie Cole who was my choice number one as trumpet player. One could not help falling in love with her larynx or throat or whatever produced those truly remarkable notes from her instrument.

Six more "tops" I wish to mention: vocalist Jean Peterson, xylophonist Winifred Waldron, Comedienne Bonnie Downs, Drummer Paula Pyke, Pianist Ursula Creber and Accordionist Jessie Morris. They were all superb.

Ivy Benson can certainly be proud of her girls, and C.S.E. and no doubt proud of Ivy Benson (incidentally she herself is an accomplished saxophone player). Two hours passed like a couple of minutes; and Ivy Benson's players could hardly be more exhausted than the audience, members of which had never in their lives clapped, cheered, whistled and lustily hurrahed so much and so riotously as they did on Wednesday night.

Thank you, Miss Benson - and when do we see you again?