Defies doctor's orders to rest

Ordered by her doctor to cease work at once and enter a nursing home for a complete medical overhaul, bandleader Ivy Benson has refused. She is suffering from nervous exhaustion and the recurrence of an internal complaint, but is determined to carry out her forthcoming trip to Egypt for CSE.

"I simply cannot let the boys and girls down", she told the Melody Maker. "The troops out there have specially requested our appearance and I mean to go even if I have to travel on a stretcher.

U.S. and Dutch offers
Ivy is due to leave London on December 4 and will be away for about two months. Before receiving her doctors edict, she declined the opportunity to pay a visit to America, and turned down an engagement guaranteeing £1,000 for a week in Holland over Christmas, rather than disappoint the Servicemen and women in the Middle East.

On December 2, just before leaving for Egypt, Ivy will be making her first Band broadcast for months. Most of the arrangements will be written by Jimmy Watson, trumpeter with the Squadonaires.

Ivy's visit to the Middle East closely follows the tour of Germany, entertaining the American Air Force, from which she returned with her all-girls' orchestra a month ago.Their first public engagement on reaching England was for the patients of the Ministry of Pensions Hospital at Stoke Mandeville, Bucks, on October 24.

Vocalist bereaved
While in Germany bad news came for Ivy's soprano singer, Jean Peterson. A telegram received just before a show at Erding near Munich, informed her that her mother had died at their home in Norwich. Jean insisted on appearing, and then, only 20 minutes after the finale, was flown home.

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