Do you want to travel? Then may I suggest that you take lessons on the double bass? For the great girthed "doghouse" seems to be the passport to Europe.

Miss V. M Ebbs, daughter of Mr Henry Ebbs, that 70 year young music teacher, composer and conductor - brass bands were his speciality - is back home in Whitecross Road, Weston-super-mare, after a world tour which makes this column green with envy.

Had she stuck at her original job as a trained nurse Miss Ebbs would have missed a lot of the world. But she said no, she could play the double bass and it was a dance band for her.

During the war she performed (it's a double bass if you bow it; a "doghouse" if you pluck it) with Blanche Coleman's band at the dances put on at Covent Garden. Last year a job with Gloria Gayes band took her on an extensive tour of Spain and Portugal; then with Rudy Starita to Egypt, back to this country, and finally Austria, Trieste and the American Zone of Germany.

And soon she expects to be off to the Continent again. .

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