Ivy Benson, currently appearing at West Park Pavilion with her All-Star Girls Band, has this week accepted an offer to entertain troops fighting in Vietnam.

This engagement, which will end a ten week tour of the Far East beginning in December, after the band has entertained at a beer festival in Stuttgart, Germany.

The 14 - strong band, with an average age of 21, will be the first of it's kind, and possibly the first British entertainers to perform in Saigon since the war in Vietnam broke out.

The tour starts out with engagements in Tokyo and moves to the island of Okinawa and then to Taipeh , in Formosa. Dates in Manila will give the Philippines' fans a chance to hear the dance music which has been entertaining holidaymakers in Jersey since June. The band then plays in Bangkok, Thailand, before flying on to Saigon.

Since she founded her first band in 1943, Ivy has been three-quarters of the way round the world entertaining, but this is her first visit to the Far East. She, and most members of the band, describe the visit as "the chance of a lifetime".

The youngest musician to make the trip will be a sixteen year old, Jean Fox, an Alto sax player from Redcar, Yorkshire. She, like 17 year old guitarist Lyn Grigg from Westcliffe, are playing out of England on a Magistrates licence, which means that Miss Benson is their guardian.

Jersey Evening Post 1966

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