(Recalled by various friends & colleagues)

Ivy was a marvellous musician. She knew how to lead a band and she always said you had to be twice as good as a man in order to make it as a woman in a dance band, and she was quite right."

She was a pioneer for women in music but there are so many great females out there that need that push and Ivy was the one to do it".

I had people a lot older than me in my band and they used to come to me with their problems whether they were marital problems, alcohol problems, gambling problems or drug problems and I had to advise them as best I could, soothe them and give them counselling. Im sure Ivy had her fill of it."

I dont think people appreciated how good she really was particularly the men and she had to fight all the way. She was a very very clever lady. I dont think there was ever a lady as clever as that

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one before, and I dont think there will be one again.

She was a huge star. She was a very, very big name which people now seem to have forgotten but all around this country, in every big town in England, Ivys name was top of the bill.

She set examples to us and was my role model throughout my life. She has instilled in me that the show must go on, not just the show but your life. Whatever life throws at you - Ivy just carried on. She shrugged her shoulders again, arms out, little laugh and a hop and a skip and carried on with things. If ever Im down I think of Ivy and I always think of the strength she used to draw from somewhere and it saw her through a lot of bad times. I think the spirit of Ivy lives on not only in me but in all the girls.

Ivy Benson died shortly before her 80th birthday in 1993 and her girls came from the four corners of the world to say goodbye.