The Airport Drunk
(From Pat "Haggis" Gentles)

I was late in joining the band in Germany for the Christmas season of 1961-2. At that time luggage was weighed before going on the plane. So as I had to take my stage dresses and kilts, I opted to wear the kilts and jacket and socks underneath a fur coat to cut down on the weight.

The flight was late so I was sitting in the bar at London airport waiting for the plane to Frankfurt where Ivy would pick me up. I saw a man at the other end of the bar to me who kept staring at me in all different ways his head up then down and sideways. I thought "I hope this clown doesn't start anything. It took him about 15 minutes of staring at me till he left his bar seat and walked down to where I was. He was very polite, and in a very educated British accent he said to me "Am I drunk or are you dressed like a Scottish soldier". I told him he wasn't drunk and that I was dressed like a Scottish soldier. To which he replied "I'm so glad; now I can go back and have another drink, Good-bye"!

When I met Ivy in Frankfurt I told her about the gentleman and she laughed heartily at it.

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