"The Bristol Brothel"
(Recalled by Elsie Ford)

Elsie Ford told of her experience of the "Bristol Brothel"... "When I was playing in the BBC Orchestra, one of the male members came and sat with me. One day this man was chatting to me and said "I hear you used to be in Ivy Benson's band" and said "Did you ever know of the Bristol Brothel?" My face must have gone very red. I said "Oh yes I did know all about that but I was not a member of it" and we left it at that - I said "Don't mention that again". What was the Bristol Brothel? "I won't mention any names but there was a group of the girls who had a flat, and I don't know any more than that and I didn't really want to know
. I was in digs at the time and my landlady lived at the bottom of the house. I was on the first floor and there was a floor above me.

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There was a lady who lived up there, who for some unknown reason, took a dislike to me and she said to Mrs Hooper, my landlady, "Do you know what that young lady does for a living?" "No I haven't asked her, why?" "Well on a Friday night she goes out late and she doesn't come home until the early hours of the morning" and so Mrs Hooper came to me and said "I've been asked questions about you - what you do for a living" I told her I didn't know". I asked her "Would you like to know what I do? I'll get you a ticket." I said "You can come with me late on Friday night if you like. Come and see and listen to what we do late at night." She came, and that answered all her questions. I had no more trouble with the landlady after that!