Carol & Wendy
(Recalled by Pat "Haggis" Gentles - Feb 2004)

I was now renting a house with two other singers, one was Carol Elvin who was from Croydon, London, and Wendy Todd who came from Newcastle, a town in the north east of England. Carol was a singer and dancer. She had shoulder length soft brown hair a heart shaped face and a lovely figure - but Carol was her own worst enemy, she always fell for married men and fell hard. They would lead her on making her think they would get a divorce and none ever did, so Carol had many broken hearts.

Wendy was a dynamo. She stood about 5ft. 6ins. had black hair and a drop dead figure. Wendy sang all the show tunes like "Oklahoma", "South Pacific" etc. She made the most of her gorgeous figure by pouring

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herself into beautiful clothes. But she was so perfectly groomed she looked unapproachable to these holiday middle classes. On the other hand, even though I had a lovely complexion and a perfect figure with a head full of thick blonde hair, I found our audiences to be very approachable.

Sometimes after the show in the gardens, when the audiences crowded around us for autographs and photos, some people would ask me if I would get them Wendy's autograph; I would tell them to go to her themselves as she was very nice, but they always held back.