Ivy's visit to Celle, Germany, 1945
(From Ernest Dobson)

In 1945, just after the Second World War finished, Ivy and her band began an association with Germany
which saw them visit various parts of the country, and in particular, provided a real treat for the Allied
Servicemen stationed there. Military bases were visited including several US Bases, where many of Ivy's
girls found romance and eventually marriage and relocation to the States.

Ernest Dobsons father, Harold, was stationed near Celle, with the 84 Group, Royal Air Force;
in September 1945 Ivy and her girls visited the town during the festival week,
where he saw the band and became a big fan.

Harold passed away a few years ago, but his son, Ernest found some photographs and a programme
of that event, and has very kindly allowed me to post them on the website.
These are most interesting and are the earliest pieces of memorabilia I have yet found.
The autographed programme is probably unique.

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