Curious Customs
(From Greta Marshall - March 2005)

I've read Norma Cameron's contributions and looked at her photos - she was some alto player......

Norma always had trouble at the Customs when returning from abroad because she had high cheekbones and resembled everyone's idea of "Olga Puloffski, the Beautiful Spy". Her bags were always searched, while they ignored the rest of us. I always remember lining up at the Customs counter next to Norma, when an alarm clock went off in her suitcase. She turned red and said "My Gord" and needless to say her belongings were gone through with a toothcomb. As she was a well-seasoned traveller and had bought it all; there was nothing to be found to their disappointment.

I also remember Edna Wayne (baritone, violin, vocals) saying "Nothing to declare" and the Customs officer opened a jar of cold cream, in which she had secreted a wristwatch, a present for her nephew. Edna said nonchantly "Oh dear, I'd forgotten all about that." Needless to say, it didn't work.

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