Diana Dors
(Recalled by Pat "Haggis" Gentles - Feb 2004)

On Sunday the star of the evening show in the theatre part of the Villa Marina was to be Diana Dors who at that time was Britains answer to Marilyn Monroe.

While we were in the gardens doing the afternoon show along came Diana with her then husband Dickie Dawson. As females, we were all very interested at getting a good look at Ms. Dors. She wore no make up and wore a shirt waisted plain dress, I felt it was quite a let down.

Also Dickie Dawson made fun of my Scottish socks which didn't go down too well with the audience; they felt they knew me as most of them came to the show several times during their holiday. However, in the evening on stage in the theatre, she was dressed to kill and looked lovely.

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Diana Dors at the Villa Marina, IOM.