Down the sheets
(Recalled by Gillian Dennis)

"One night we met up with some of the boys from the Eric Delaney Band.

"Will you come out to the Nightclub with us" they asked. "We daren't" we replied; "Ivy will go bananas". "Oh, go on - try to sneak out" they said.

So we thought, we can't use the doors, Ivy will see us. Then we thought we will use the windows, and we gathered up all the sheets, tied them altogether and threw them out of the toilet window.

We all piled into the bathroom and locked the door, and left one of the girls flushing the toilet to fool Ivy, who was already on her rounds. " Is that you in there, Gillian" she asked. "Yes, just getting ready for bed" I replied as the girls, one after another, slid down the sheets - and off we went for a night out with the boys.

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