Driving Test
(Recalled by Pat "Haggis" Gentles - Feb 2004)

I passed my driving test while in Douglas, Isle of Man, in 1958. It was sort of funny - none of us had an alarm I threw a raincoat on top of my baby doll pyjamas and of I went for my driving tests. lt was all manual gears then and when I made a hillstart I rolled backwards a little bit. He said not to worry I'd get the hang of it. Then when I tried to park in between cars I had a terrible time - he also told me not to worry again, that I would get used to that, too. I got us back to the house and he informed that I had passed my driving test. He gave me a form to take to the Post Office where I would be issued with my licence. I was ecstatic - Carol and Wendy were thrilled now we could rent a car and cruise around the island during our off time. When I told Ivy Benson, who was not known for her kindness, she said "Well they pass anybody nowadays" .Ivy had little room to talk. She drove a huge American car which took up half the narrow streets, and as she drove she'd turn and wave to people and ask them how they were, not looking where she was going consequently she banged in to many things

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