Elsie and the Trumpet
(Recalled by Elsie Ford)

Ivy and her girls weren't only broadcasting from Bristol but they were expected act as fire fighters according to Elsie Ford who had forsaken her Bass temporarily in order to try her hand at the trumpet. "The next thing was Ivy rang me up. 'What about coming down to Bristol to me, I want a trumpet player'. 'Ivy, you must be joking I can only play three choruses of a commercial copy; I couldn't possibly come and join a section of three trumpets and two trombones' I replied. 'Plenty of rehearsal time, plenty of people to help you' she said. 'You'll be fine' - and she talked me into it and in the end I went as Ivy's second trumpet player.

I, of course really enjoyed myself playing in a section like that, it was really great. Then at the end of the fourth night Ivy said 'I don't like this Bass player, you know; she's no good at all. Will you go back for me just for a fortnight; I've got someone else coming in a fortnight?' I said 'Oh no, no, I'm a trumpet player and she said 'Come on, just for a fortnight' - I fell for it and went back on Bass and of course never went back on trumpet.

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