Fire Watching
(Recalled by Elsie Ford)

Clifton Parish Hall, Bristol, was our studio and we had to fire watch in there. We had to do it in pairs. We had a double tier bunk in the studio so the two that were on duty at night had a bed each and we just slept there in the studio. The firemen came and taught us one or two things about fire fighting. One of them was that we had to jump out of a first floor window into a pile of sand. The drummer said "No way am I jumping into a pile of sand; if I break my ankles I can't work" - but the rest of us did. We had to learn how to turn round on the window sill and jump backwards into the pile of sand .Another thing we had to do was to put out a smoke bomb. The bottom four inches is where the air is safe to breathe and we had to crawl on our stomachs the whole length of that smoke filled air raid shelter and pretend to put out the bomb out.

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