(Recalled by Nina Dellamura)

It has been almost 50 years since I first met Inge Wannell. I met her back in October, 1956 when we had just
joined a newly formed band - the name doesn't really matter, as the band didn't last long. Several reasons,
partly because girl's bands should look a little more glamorous than we did.

A few months later (April, 1957) I had the chance to join Ivy Benson, and of course I took it.
I don't know exactly what Inge did.

During that first summer, as a late arrival to Ivy I roomed with the cello player, a really nice person.
Come the end of the summer I had no idea who I would room with on "one nighters".

I was waiting for the Benson band bus at Paddington station, when up bounced Inge. She said
"my God, Nina. It is so good to see you, I was afraid I wouldn't know anyone in the band".
She then asked if I was rooming with anyone, and I said "no", so she suggested maybe we could room
together, and of course we did, until we both left at the same time, May 1959.

Inge left to join a male band, and I left to join one male, by husband.

Over the years we kept in touch, not too frequently at times, but whenever I made a trip to England
(the last in Feb 1988) I always phoned Inge, and usually managed to spend a few nights with her and her family.

Now that we are both on the internet, we keep in touch on a regular basis, usually e-mail each other about
once a week.Several times we have been on the internet at the same time, and sit and chat for an hour or so.
The last few hurricanes we had here poor Inge was all shook up. I had several phone calls on our
answering machine when we got home, plus a couple of e-mails. So, just to put her mind at rest I phoned
her to let her and Mick know we were OK.

We haven't seen each other for about 18 years now, but I still think of her as my best friend.
Maybe, one of these days, we will meet up again. Friendship - it's a great thing.

Luv yer Inge

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