Ghost Story?
(From Jean Smith - February 2006)


Reading Pauline Binghams tale about Mrs Duers boarding House reminded
me of a "spooky" night when June Lesley and I shared a room at Mrs Duers.

June, a vocalist with the band and I were good friends and she told me
that she missed her"Gran" to whom she was very close, and who had recently died.
June confided in me that her Gran often "talked to her". I was very skeptical but listened politely when June told me this.

One evening as we were getting ready for bed, June decided that we should move the bed.
"Why?" I asked her.She said her "Gran had told her to do it."
So we pushed the big, old double bed to the other side of the room.

We went to bed, only to be woken up later that night by a big crash. When we switched on the light we
saw that a large piece of plaster had fallen from the ceiling onto the floor, right where the bed had been!!

I never questioned June about her "Grans" predictions again!

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