Into Berlin
(From Norma Cameron - now Lamplough)


It was D-Day when Ivy undertook her first ENSA tour. The band went overseas several times for ENSA, and we were the first English girls to enter Berlin. Just after the war there were still 30,000 dead under the ruins of that city and we had to have water brought in for drinking, cleaning our teeth, etc. We ate a lot of Ryvita and corned beef as I recall.

The band was fortunate to be billeted in a lovely mansion on the outskirts of Berlin that had escaped the bombing. It had a magnificent piano in the music room and at the bottom of the impressive staircase was a life-size statue of David complete with fig leaf. I won't hazard a guess how many times the latter was removed and replaced! Whilst in Berlin, we played a concert for Field Marshall Montgomery.

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