Irish Hospitality
(From Jean Smith - January 2006)

After our 1958 summer season in the Isle of Man we flew to Ireland for a ten day tour
.We played a different town every night.

The Irish people we met were very kind and insisted on plying us with
"Paddy whiskey" at every opportunity.Their dances often lasted until
1:00 or 2:00am in the morning,and then the serious drinking started!
Some of were often the worse for wear by the time we staggered to our beds.

I couldn't hold my liquor and was very embarassed when I proceeded to throw up
in the lobby of the very nice Irish castle hotel we were staying in. Another day during this
Irish tour, our pianist,who shall remain nameless,got so inebriated that several
of us held her down under a cold shower in order to try and sober her up in time to play later that evening.

In hindsight, not a pretty picture, but we were young and naive and it was part of "growing up"!

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