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In 1943 Ivy and her Band appeared in a film called "The Dummy talks", directed by Oswald Mitchell and starring Jack Warner, Claude Hulbert and Beryl Orde.

The film was a murder mystery film set on the backstage of a theatre. Ivy's Band played a number of popular songs from the period -

"Post Horn Gallop"
"The Roundabout goes round"
"The World belongs to me"
"Oh, Johnny"
" 'Ats a nice 'At, 'At is"

Jean Smith (now O'Neill) who played Tenor Sax from 1957 to 1959 remembers Ivy and the band in a movie c1958 starring Jack Palance and Anita Ekberg. It was called "The Man Inside". "Although we spent about 3 days on the set filming a scene in a nightclub setting, I was disappointed when the film was released to see our appearance was cut to a few brief seconds in the background! Nevertheless I would love to obtain a copy of the film".

Below is a review of the film.

"The Man Inside" -1958 - UK - Adventure Drama

Type: Features
Distributor: Columbia Warwik (Harold Huth)
Rating: NR (Questionable for Children)
Running Time: 90 minutes
Starring: Bonar Colleano, Anita Ekberg, Sean Kelly, Jack Palance, Anthony Newley, Nigel Patrick
Directed by: John Gilling

A stellar cast redeems the tawdry European-filmed melodrama "The Man Inside". Nigel Patrick plays Sam Carter, a mild-mannered British clerk who spends half his life fantasizing about stealing a valuable diamond. When he is finally able to pull off this heist, it is at the cost of another man's life. Escaping to the Continent, Sam lives like a king, throwing his money around and romancing an unending stream of willing females. Private detective Milo March (Jack Palance) suspects that Sam is in some way tied in with the jewel theft, as are several less reputable types. Among the latter category are femme fatale Trudie Hall (Anita Ekberg) and two-bit crooks Lomer (Bonar Colleano, whose last film this was) and Rizzio (Sean Kelly). Anthony Newley also shows up briefly as a comedy-relief cabbie. If
"The Man Inside" seems like a dry run for the "James Bond" films of the 1960s, it may be because the film was produced by Albert "Cubby" Broccoli and scripted by Richard Maibaum, both mainstays of the Bond series. Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Another film we have heard of, in which Ivys Band played, was a comedy called " A Ray of Sunshine" starring the popular comedian, Ted Ray.The band played "The Sabre Dance" but no other details are available; probably produced around 1946.

To view a photograph of Ivy and the Band playing in "A Ray of Sunshine" please click here,

and click here to see a Still of "The Man Inside", details above.

Can anyone help in obtaining a copy of any of these films? Please let me know.

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