Ivy marries Carol
(Recalled by Edna Wayne & others)

Ivy was on the rebound when she married Carol Clark, the good looking son of Carol Mundy,a variety act of the Crazy Gang Show. She'd met him while playing a season at one of the several Butlin's Holiday Camps featured on the band's itinerary but Ivy had not chosen wisely. Robey Buckley, Edna Wayne, Jean Peterson and Paula Pyke had all heard varying reports of what went on following the wedding
"I had heard that he'd been writing cheques in her name. She was very unlucky with her husbands really, which was unfortunate".

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"He was a Redcoat wasn't he.She bought him a sports car, bought him all his clothes, but he was off with everybody else, right under her nose - in and out of the chalets. It was sad really - I don't know whether she realised it was going on."

"Ivy married him before we did a summer season at Filey - on and off, I'm going to, I'm not going to and when she finally did, it was very much to everyone's amazement. He was a very good looking man, but Ivy wasn't really the marrying type; she was married to her band and music."

"Carol was a very presentable very charming man - a very smooth operator. She was only in the court a few minutes for the divorce hearing - which was brought due to extenuating circumstances."