Ivy's collapse
(Recalled by Joyce Clarke)

Joyce Clarke was there when Ivy collapsed on stage "One time we were playing the Kingston Empire. On the Monday night, Ivy wasn't well. In the middle of the show she played a very difficult piece, the Artie Shaw Clarinet Concerto which works up at the end to this massively high note that we always thought every night she wouldn't get it, but she always did. This particular night she got right to the high note, the very last note, and she collapsed on the stage in a heap and had to be carried off. For the rest of the week she asked me to take over the band.

Well the Band were not pleased - me standing there conducting was hysterical; I just said ignore me and I'll wave my arms about like Ivy. I also had to make the announcements - poor people they must have been very disappointed they got me not Ivy."

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