Living with Mrs Duer
(Recalled by Pauline Bingham - January 2006)


When I joined the band I had very little confidence but when I left I had none; I was the worse trumpet
player Ivy ever had, maybe there are other ones out there who thought they were, but Ivy lied
to you because I was. Ha Ha - I laugh now but then I didn't think it funny,

I do have fond memories of my days with the band, however. Several of us lived in a boarding
house owned by Mrs Duer which was in Chiswick, where Ivy lived. We were a little wild - one day
Ivy called Mrs Duer to see if we were practicing. Mrs Duer told her yes.10 mins later we
heard footsteps on the stairs and in pops Ivy! We were all in bed - Well, I mean come on - it
was only 2pm. Mrs Duer would always wake us up by shouting up the stairs
"GET UP YOU BLOODY COWS!!" , sweet lady that she was!

Hazel Cooper and I grew up in the brass band world together and we still play together.
Hazel has a dixieland band and lives about one hour from me. I play with them sometimes
which is always a giggle. My good friend Anne Blair comes over here to see me.
I have just retired from playing with the Wiregrass Brass Quintet -
I do not want to travel or rehearse anymore .

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